Investor Visa Business Plans

At Coello & Company, we work with many immigration attorneys across the US and Canada to provide international clients with a well-structured business plan with complete financial projections. We are experts at including all the necessary information that the consulates require, and our business plan writing services have become the standard by which other companies and attorneys write their plans for clients. Business plans are required for certain kinds of investor visa applications with United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. The types of visas that our clients apply for include:

  • E-1 Investor Visa
  • E-2 Investor Visa
  • EB-5 Investor Visa
  • L-1 Investor Visa

Our business plans are guaranteed, meaning that in the event that the consulate requires additional information or revisions after our services are rendered, we will complete these changes free of charge. Coello & Company has created over 300 business plans over the past year and a half, of which 99% have resulted positively for our clients.