Our mission is to help our clients make meaningful improvements to their organizations that result in increased sales and reduced operating expenses.


At Coello & Company, we bring together people of all ages, races, backgrounds and nationalities to produce the best results for our clients. All of our people are great creative thinkers and exceptional problem solvers.


Keep our clients’ information strictly confidential

o   We will never disclose any of our clients’ information to anyone else, or use any information obtained during consulting for our benefit.

Put the client’s needs ahead of our own

o   We will always act in the best interest of our clients. We will never sacrifice the integrity of our company for our own benefit.

Remain completely honest with our clients

o   We will always be honest with our clients, even when doing so goes against the popular beliefs within the client’s organization. We are able to scrutinize every detail of our clients’ organizations and identify improvements that can be made without any preconceptions that may be present within the company.

Always strive to surpass our client’s expectations

o   We are not satisfied with simply meeting expectations, or just getting the job done. We always want to go above and beyond what is expected of us from our clients.